Eszter Chen Exhibition-1835.jpg

The Idler's hasty gaze Solo Exhibition

August 4 – August 20, 2017
Pon Ding Space, Taipei, Taiwan

”What on earth are you busy with?”
“So, do you think I am just hanging around?”

Acting as an idler, or to admit myself as an idler, I take gazing as my posture or doing something by doing nothing. I keep the condition of inactiveness flowing and being busy in an immobile manner.  

Women and still lives have always been subjects of illustrator Eszter Chen’s work. In her paintings, the line between people and inanimate objects is so fine that you could hardly tell. The space around seems like a set built deliberately whereas the gestures of women put themselves into the spirit of still lives. Plus, the bold, flat and colorful blocks postpone the emotional impact. On 2D, she creates a status, as if the audience could literally be the one to gaze, and leaves a large patch of lasting clues.

The exhibition The Idler's Hasty Gaze puts focus on Chen’s free creation in the spare time aside from daily illustration work. The series is inspired by the famous Fauvist painter, Henri Matisse. Chen’s truly fascinated by the rich sentiment piled up by objects that are seemingly motionless in Matisse’s work and motivated to use the colors and express feelings freely. 

The world is formed by the point, line, surface and object shuttled with human affairs and mysteries. Chen takes a step back to deconstruct the idea of idleness and haste, meanwhile, to demonstrate implicitly all kinds of absurd possibilities in an elaborate and detailed way in her ravish composition. Art works including paintings, ceramics and extended products. 

Photography by Pon Ding Gallery